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Any business or organisation can experience a serious incident that prevents it from continuing normal operations, this can range from fire, flood, gas or terrorist explosion, to a serious computer malfunction or information security incident /hack attack. Even external problems like local power failure or public transport failure can cause major disruption and if you are based in a high rise office building, even a simple lift breakdown could prevent you and your staff from being able to access your own office.

If you are worried about your organisations ability to cope with any of these unpredictable events, or manage them properly if and when they occur, Cityfringe can help you formulate, design, plan, implement and even test a full Disaster Recovery solution, and can advise on all aspects of the numerous issues that can affect Business Continuity. We can show you how to mitigate many of the major risks with a few simple precuationary steps that ensure you (and your staff) have a plan and, more importantly, understand how to execute it.

We can assess your readiness to react to an emegency situation and show you how, by taking a few basic precautionary steps (that many never even consider until after a serious incident) you can plan to avoid or at least cope with these significant business affecting events. Please don't hesitate to call for a chat - especially if Business Continuity within your organisation is YOUR responsibility. It need not cost the earth and we charge nothing for an inital consultation and review.

Please call 08456 123 456 for further details.

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