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Although the main UK incumbent telecoms operator is still BT, with the emergence of so many new telecoms operators and an array of confusing services and tariffs to choose from, it is not always easy for companies to make the right choice when selecting a carrier network over which to send their telephone calls or establish data and Internet connections.

Cityfringe have many years experience in dealing with these issues and can advise and reccomend the most suitable combination of packages to suit the needs of your organisation whether a small charity or a global corporation. We can conduct audits and reviews of your existing telecoms infrastructure to ensure you are not paying for services you are no longer using, and arrange for the supply and installation of additional lines and services where required.

Although BT are the UK's main service provider of last mile connectivity (from the exchange to the customer premises) there are a number of other options available to high spending customers requiring direct connectivity to alternative network operators like COLT, Cable & Wireless and MCI, to name but a few. In such cases, Cityfringe are well versed in the intricacies and complexities of achieving such connectivity and can advise on all aspects of the following services.


  • Normal Telephone lines, including;
    • Simple standard Analogue lines (just like at home)
    • Basic Rate Digital lies ISDN2 / ISDN2e
    • Primary Rate Digital lines ISDN30 / i421 / Q931 / SS7 / C7
    • Direct Dialling Inward (DDi) services
    • Number portability
    • Non-geographic numbers 0800 / 0845 etc
  • Least Cost call Routing (LCR)
    • Local
    • National
    • International
    • Toll Free & special services
  • Internet Services, including
    • Broadband ADSL (Fast Downloads – slower uploads)
    • Broadband SDSL (equal Upload and Download speed)
    • Internet bandwidth Leased Lines
    • Voice over IP bandwidth
    • Advice on contention issues (most providers force you to share this bandwidth with other customers at their exchange or peering point)
  • Data Networking and Private Circuits, including
    • Inter PBX lines / PBX networking
    • Direct point-to-point dark fibre links
    • ATM
    • Frame Relay
    • STM and OC grade facilities

We can supply and install a variety of Internet and broadband connectivity solutions but where access to fibre connectivity is not available at a customer's own premises; they may interconnect at our ‘carrier neutral' facility where tenants have the complete freedom to order connections from any of the numerous Tier 1 Carriers with fibre network close to this site.

Whatever your bandwidth requirements, from ADSL to XDSL, 64k to 155 Megabits, Primary Rate ISDN or even dark fibre, you can gain access to it all with Cityfringe.

Please call 08456 123 456 for further details.

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