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Cityfringe specialise in solving complex telecoms problems and have developed a unique system to passively check thousands of telephone numbers per hour. This stealth interrogation system can analyse and monitor telehone lines to establish which are live and which are dead.

This system can produces a range of reports including detailed information on the following line conditions:

  • Number in service (normal working order - ready for call)
  • Line out of order/no such number/number not recognised
  • Anonymous calls rejected/number not accepting incoming calls
  • It even identifies lines with a “number changed” announcement!

Years of experience in the telecoms industry helps ensure this is all done automatically WITHOUT A SINGLE TINKLE on the subscribers telephone handset – the subscriber is completely unaware that their line has been “sniff tested” - guaranteed. Our unique STEALTH technology uses a specially designed combination of hardware and software that connects to the ISDN network and allows us to “sniff test” the condition of telephone lines/numbers on behalf of our service provider clients and other end user customers.

Please call 08456 123 456 to arrange a free trial or download the brochure for further details, including pricing.


Number Testing Brochure

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